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Welcome to AGBO!

AGBO Company was founded in 1990, is a Polish manufacturer of knitted hats and scarves for children and adults. Sales are done in many countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Germany, Austria. We have 24 years of experience, which, combined with tradition, passion and attention to detail gives us the ability to offer products of the highest quality. Thanks to the highly specialized production-design back and high standards of production, we are able to respond quickly to changing trends and, above all, to meet the growing demands of consumers.

Product portfolio

Each year we offer a very rich collection of hats and scarves. Selection extends from the fall-spring to the winter products. Taking care of the safety of our customers, all our products are made of high quality materials, among others, acrylic yarns, cotton or blends of acrylic-wool, all certified. Our products are well known and respected in the country and abroad, are distinguished by rich design and high quality.


We have a modern, fully computerized machinery, own design studio, department of sewing and decorating products. In the production process we use the latest technologies that make our products achieve a unique look.